We work & research hard on getting the very best information for you. While templatelane.com is all about helping people buy the right software, tools and info product, we’re not totally altruistic. We have to pay bills and put a few bucks into our pocket.

templatelane.com makes its money off affiliate commissions, which currently are the only viable way to make any real money with a site like ours. Ad-driven sites are on the way out, and we doubt anybody is going to take out a subscription on a review site, no matter how awesome it is. 

Affiliate links are links which when if you click the link, go to the third party website and buy something, we get a commission.  It may be a lot or a little.

We want you to know that we’re getting paid.  In fact, it’s the law to tell you; we think it’s a good law that we be transparent about this.

We do our best to suggest and link to quality software and info products… stuff we use and/or have checked out.