File Structure!

Purchase from Elegant Themes Marketplace, Divi Cake. #

You will get two files

File 1:

Extract this zip and import the Product-Name-Layouts-Kit.json to Divi Library.

It contains all layouts.

File 2:

In the you will get the same layouts as in the main product file but it comes in a range.

The supplementary product files can be used to import a small set of hero sections. For example, the files that you obtain after extracting the supplementary product files are listed below with the range of hero sections they contain from the pack. This method is useful if you have an issue importing all hero sections at once or you want to keep your library light by importing just a few sections.

  • Product Name Layouts Library – 01-10.json
  • Product Name Layouts Library – 11-20.json

(For any download or billing-related query, please contact Elegant Themes support.)